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Workshops & retreats


Current workshop:

"Food for Thought"

hope for cognitive decline

In the doctor's office, here is the dilemma: The patient has lifestyle issues that will end in things like: heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, arthritis, cancer and diabetes to name but a few.  And for some, sooner than later.

Then as soon as a medication is mentioned, the following questions come up, "Can't I do this with diet change?  What if I exercise more?"  

And the doctor nods and says that these things help, but they probably won't take the place of medications. Physicians have seen it though. People can turn their health around. But will they?

We believe that with a focused time of training to encourage adequate change, the answer to those questions can be different.  Medications can be entirely avoided or fewer medicines and lower doses can suffice.  We have seen this.  We are living this.

A great way to become acquainted with lifestyle change is to immerse yourself in a workshop or retreat.

A Taste of Transformation retreat offers very practical help for each person:

  • Three nights and four days at the Haven River Inn, a restful, yet motivating experience

  • Delicious yet very healthful food

  • Teaching, devotionals, and small groups - offering an integration of body and soul wellness

  • Hands on cooking demos

  • Individual coaching to develop your own food plan

  • Sample from our favorite recipes, avoid false starts, and save $$$ at the grocery store

  • An optional medical consult and CIMT (a tool to assess your cardiovascular risk)

  • Try out three excellent medical devices for detox and energy

  • and much more.


A "FOOD For THOUGHT" workshop offers very specific help to give people a jumpstart in the battle against Alzheimer's disease.  Dr. Dale Bredesen has been putting together a nationwide effort, involving hundreds of practitioners, to implement his very successful program of care to get at root causes of Alzheimer's.  However, if you have read his book, The End of Alzheimer's, you know how complex this approach is.  Implementing this requires testing, diet, supplements, and other aspects of lifestyle...all of which are covered in these 3 night, 4 day workshops, for only six patients and their significant other at a time. My Alzheimer's patients are improving in their cognition scores and this is very exciting. The next one is coming soon:


Our goals for you would be:

~    Recognize what blocks you from taking care of yourself both physically and spiritually.
~    Learn how to fight back against such things as toxic load, undetected pathogens, a wayward immune system, and to equip your body's front line of defense.
~    Start changing while you are here and easily continue when you leave.

  • An Alzheimer's patient tells of after working hard on the changes for six months, how he is now being able to recall dates and names, drive with confidence and overall feeling so much better.  His wife is simply so grateful to have him back.

  • A woman who came three years ago and has now lost over 80 pounds, avoiding diabetes, had this to say about a retreat: "The worship team and devotionals were inspiring.  The food was sensational and fantastic ... over the top!  The talks were from the heart and very informative.  And I cannot believe I have felt so 'full' the entire time, but I'm losing weight!"

Here's what Claudia had to say about the retreat she attended:

Wellness Retreat in Comfort Texas Hill Country

If you would like to learn more about these affordable, yet transformational retreats, please visit


"So much of a patient's improvement comes from their own education and perseverance, so the book that I wrote to start them on their health journey with SEE Wellness is a must read.   It's called, D.I.E.T? Do I Eat This?

What can I say, if you'd like a head-start, you should buy one."


Here's what some of her patients thought about her book: 

Please click here to order.  The price is $15.95 plus a small shipping cost. 


Head on over to Dr. Ellison's Blog, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul, written especially for those struggling with using food for the wrong reasons.

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