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Suzanne Ellison-Ramsay                        MD

Board Certified, Family Medicine

Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner


Bredesen Protocol certified

Cornerstone Clinics, co-founder

Lamb's Tale Ministries, president and founder

Haven River Inn, general overseer

Contact by email here.

About Dr. Ellison

"Building one's own healthy diet begins with foods a person already likes.  As people find their health improving, change becomes easier. And if overeating is an issue, cravings diminish, and appetite transformation occurs. Over time appetite for empty calories and fast food greatly diminishes or completely goes away. If not, there are other issues involved. All can be dealt with."

With her husband, Dr. John Ramsay, she has practiced medicine in Fredericksburg, Texas, for 33 years. Having five grown kids, she's felt greatly blessed, but at about age fifty, her health began slipping.  After two years of chronic illness she was faced with the need to take various medications that she regularly prescribes to patients. But instead, God led her to a recovery of her health using diet and exercise alone. 

When her aging skin significantly improved, she started writing about what lifestyle change can do.  Since then, both in her practice and at wellness retreats, she coaches people to use their diet to regain their health. 

Since 1997, Dr. Ellison-Ramsay, nicknamed Dr. Suz by her staff, has headed up Lamb's Tale Ministries, a Christian soul care ministry.  Lamb's Tale provides Christian leadership respite care and retreats for the general public. Retreats include topics on wellness, writing, and women's issues and are held at the Haven River Inn in Comfort, Texas.  Dr. Suz also speaks at churches and at retreats on the topic of wellness from a Christian perspective.  

To get your copy of Do I Eat This? D.I.E.T?, A Resource Guide, send us an email request.
Her next book project, Why Do I Eat This? is expected out in 2018.  This one addresses the issue of overeating, binge eating, etc.

For information about the Lamb's Tale wellness retreats, see       

For speaking inquiries, please call  830-304-3788.
Or contact her here by email.

Dr. Ellison is a fourth generation Texan, and graduated high school at Corpus Christi Carroll, 1972.
She attended the University of Texas until 1976, finishing degrees in Aquatic Biology and in Psychology.
Medical school - UT Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, graduating 1980 and married classmate, Dr. John Ramsay.
She entered a Family Practice residency in Tallahassee, Florida, finishing this in 1984.

After a failed attempt to live in another state, moved back to Texas, to Fredericksburg.  And there she's stayed.  

She is Board Certified with the American Board of Family Medicine, from 1984 until the present.
She is certified in Functional Medicine training through the Institute of Functional Medicine.​

Things I really like:


  • Movies:  Babette's Feast, You've Got Mail, Armageddon, Pride and Prejudice, and Homeward Bound 

  • Writers: Oswald Chambers, Phillip Yancey, Nancy Groom, Pat Conroy, Jane Rubietta, G.K. Chesterton

  • Speakers I can listen to again and again: Jane Rubietta, Larry Crabb, Dan Allender, John Eldredge

  • Places:  the Texas Hill Country and Montell, Texas

  • Travel with a purpose, like going to eight football games at Wheaton when our son was a senior defensive end... and as often as possible to wherever our grandchildren are.  And traveling to dream about founding retreat centers, internationally.

  • Cooking for crowds of hungry people.

  • Growing trees from seed, puttering with our aquaponics system, and planting purple potatoes.

  • Getting up early, drinking coffee and sitting with God, not necessarily in that order.

  • And I've learned to almost like exercise, surprises, and especially the serendipitous somethings that confirm God's presence daily.

"What is Dr. Ellison's Favorite Question?"

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