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No meal planning. 

No grocery shopping. 

No stressing over how to get "healthy" and "delicious" onto the same plate. Instead...

What if you could eat at The Haven every night?

and Fast to last

Two Meal Services by SEE Wellness & The Haven River Inn

Are you, or is someone you love struggling with chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, even cancer? How about minimum cognitive decline, Alzheimer's, or neurodegeneration from any cause? In conjunction with a comprehensive plan of care, there are two food plans prepared at the Haven in conjunction with SEE Wellness. One is called "Fast to Last" - a delicious 5 day "fasting" that has restricted calories in its food plan.  The other is "Food for Thought," a ketogenic diet which can help cardio-metabolic diseases and Alzheimer's slow down or even reverse? 

We have put together a delicious program to help give patients the best chance of improving, stabilizing, and perhaps even reversing their condition, and our programs are delicious. 


We help with the most difficult, yet the most powerfully transformative aspect: diet compliance. Nutritionists know that diet is a stumbling block for health improvement. And without it, a huge healing opportunity is missed.  Increasingly, doctors are totally on board with this. 

I couldn't help but notice how quickly my patients are ready to stop medications. And it's pretty unpopular to take a bunch of supplements, but they will do it--sometimes.

Amazingly, patients are usually happy to keep eating, so my ability to help them had to include food.  But who wants to make a dramatic diet change? Diabetics need to, and so do my patients who've had heart attacks.

But of all the diseases that are helped by diet, Alzheimer's is perhaps the most challenging, particularly because it requires learning a new way of eating. And aren't these patients past being able to make major life changes?  And not everyone has a care-giver who will invest the time or energy to pull together this new diet."

--Dr. Suzanne Ellison-Ramsay

The best chance of success requires the best diet. 


All of Food for Thought's meals are ketogenic, designed for people with:

· Subjective Cognitive Impairment

· Mild Cognitive Impairment

· Early Alzheimer’s Disease

· Neurodegeneration of other kinds, like MS, ALS, and Parkinson’s, and

· Other chronic illnesses.

Our Food for Thought program uses Dr. Bredesen's Keto Flex 12/3 approach that stresses the need for intermittent fasting for people suffering from cognitive impairment and/or neurodegenerative conditions.  Beginning three hours before bed, people fast for a minimum of 12 hours a day. Since the macronutrient split of roughly 60% fat, 20% protein and a maximum of 20% carbs is highly satisfying, there are no between meal “energy slumps” or hunger pangs.

Read more about the entire diagnostic and therapeutic protocol at

The best chance of success comes from the best diet.

Measurable positive changes in health can accrue within three to six months on the protocol.

Dr. Suzanne Ellison-Ramsay trained with Dr. Bredesen. He teaches that one of the hardest things about this program is compliance—especially getting the food right.       

It’s tough not only for the patient to learn a new way of eating, but also for caregivers to maintain the changes that can offer their loved one better health and quality of life.

The keys are to make it easy, and to make it delicious. The chef at The Haven only knows how to do “delicious,” and he has personally eaten in a ketogenic way for years.

We definitely have made it easy! The meals are prepared, then frozen and either picked up or delivered locally. They need only to be heated up and enjoyed. 

We offer a wide variety of meals that are satisfying, helping people stay on track.  Food for Thought meals are in line with Dr. Ellison-Ramsay’s book many of you have seen: Do I Eat This? D.I.E.T?

About the food in Food for Thought

Whenever possible, we use local and organic produce and meat from animals that have been grass fed and are never treated with hormones.  

Menu choices include: 

In Food for Thought a sample of recipes are:


  • Seafood Bisque

  • Smoked salmon frittata 

  • Creamy zucchini soup

  • Italian stuffed mushrooms


William Gardner, the chef of The Haven River Inn, has lived a ketogenic lifestyle for many years. He understands how to make food that is absolutely delicious and has the power to transform health!

"I consider myself someone who takes pride in his work, who takes the ordinary and kicks it up a few notches with simple, natural, and healthy ingredients.

My passion is to nurture and heal the soul with the culinary gift God has given me with the ingredients He has made."

--William Gardner

What are the options and what is the investment?

Food orders are placed weekly but it is anticipated that at least three to six months will be needed to see health improvement. We suggest ordering by the month and committing to a full six months to get the maximum benefits.

The food is prepared, frozen in microwaveable containers, and ready to be picked up or delivered locally on Sunday each week. 

We highly recommend beginning with Option 3, and try everything to start.

Option 1:

Dinners, 7 nights a week.

Price: $105 per week.

Option 2:

Two meals plus snacks, 5 days a week.

Price: $165 per week.

Option 3:

Two meals a day plus snacks, 7 days a week.

Price: $231 per week.

What are others saying about Food for Thought?

“It’s been a godsend. The food is amazing—every week!”


“It’s comforting knowing my father is getting just what he needs. I don’t know if I could have figured it out on my own.”


Details of the Program

“It’s helping so much. And I feel like I’m eating at The Haven every night.”


For further work up in the Bredesen Protocol, participants may wish to become patients of SEE Wellness via a consult with Dr. Ellison. Please visit the SEE Wellness home page for more information. 

Get ready for your first delivery!

"Fast to Last!"

About the food: the Haven's rejuvenating, calorie restricted, and delicious meal program:

Current research shows that using some form of fasting enhances autophagy (wherein the body breaks down dysfunctional cells to reuse their many parts to make new stronger cells).  There are commercially available programs of food delivery that vary in length and content, but at present the one thing they definitely lack is: flavor.  The Haven chef has fixed that.  With me, several of my patients are on their third monthly five-day "fast" using William's foods.  We are all so excited to say we are feeling better, even younger!​  I hope you will join us at the single most effective health strategy I have found.

Sample recipes

  • Butternut squash soup

  • Tomato bisque

  • Nut bar

  • Cocoa keto bombs

  • Kale crackers

  • ...and much more, but not too much:)




The price: 

for everything you will eat for 5 days: $150


Call to reserve your box of Fast to Last food!

830-995-3834, the Haven front desk.

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