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Adjunctive Medical Technology

Pulsed EMF Session

A trainer will teach you how to use this FDA registered wellness device.  The initial training session is $30, and once independent, your cost will be $15 per session.

To rent a Bemer for home use, please inquire about availability.


To learn more, please take a look at the following videos:

An excellent introduction:

See this video

For more info:

Dr. Ellison is an Independent Bemer Distributor

Infrared Sauna

Enjoy 45 minutes of therapeutic dry heat in this beautiful infrared sauna complete with chromotherapy and Bluetooth music of your own preference. Prices vary based on number of participants. 

See more at

Vielight Session

The Vielight is an FDA approved medical wellness device that has been shown to enhance memory, focus and general well-being through photobiomodulation.  Numerous clinical and basic science studies are available on this remarkable new therapeutic approach.  Check it out!

Initial training sessions are $30, and independent sessions are $15.

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